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By simmering chunks of San Pedro and evaporating the decanted liquid, you can yield off white to tan crystalline alkaloids.

Step 1

Carefully cut the green skin off of the San Pedro any way you feel comfortable and put this in a plastic bag. The middle section can be composted. Freeze and thaw the bag 3x. Once the cells have been lysed, place the cactus chunks in a large pot of boiling water and simmer / boil for 5 hours. Do not agitate or mash the chunks in any way, this is the key to purity. A good sized chunk is about the size of a thumb, or half of that. Add warm water to your pot if it starts to get low. Remember, using a large pot with more water allows more alkaloids to be extracted faster and easier.

I have heard you can pressure cook San Pedro for only 45 minutes at 15 pounds per square inch but this has not been tested.

Also. The more water you use the better when cooking. If you are using more than a foot you may even want to do a separate cook with fresh water so the solubility rates are higher and can grab the rest of the alkaloids.

Step 2

Pour off the liquid into a glass and do a quick decant to remove any large organic particles from the solution. Basically transferring liquid from a cup to a cup should be enough to get anything out of there. After that, pour into a baking dish and evaporate.

Step 3

Now for evaporation: If you are very careful, you can simmer the liquid down in a pot on the stove. A little bird told me she preferred a ceramic pot on medium to low heat and when it gets low to swirl it back and forth until almost all the water has been evaporated. Be very careful as it can burn very easily. Never leave the stove during this phase.

Take it off the stove right at the nick of time after evaporation and leave the pot to sit for two days in open air. After a couple days any remaining liquid that you couldn't evaporate on the stove will have evaporated by this time, and a beautiful crystalline powder will have migrated its way in the form of fractals to the top of any resiny substance that was in the brew. You can scrape the powder from the top of the resin.

If you did this correctly, you can easily just take a razor blade to your pot and begin collecting a very fine and potent powder. You can leave the resin behind in the pot. I'm not sure if it's the ceramic pot, or leaving it out in the air for a couple days, but something about this process separates the alkaloids from any remaining and minimal gunk from the decanted evaporation.

If you do not feel confident with this method of evaporation, evaporate in a pyrex dish in the oven on low (~150F) with a fan blowing into the open oven door or just use a food dehydrator.

Resin VS. Crystalline powder

In the past, this used to be called the Resin Tek. I have changed that because if you follow this process to the T, you will not be ingesting resin, you will be ingesting almost pure alkaloids. Here are some tips to ensure this occurs:

- Use fresh cactus and chop it up yourself. Dried powder and dried chunks always yield a gunky product.

- Make sure to freeze and thaw your chunks 3x.

- Decanting is the key to purity and minimalizing potential resin.

- Do not cook longer than 5 hours. You can keep your chunks and cook them again if you want to.

- Absolutely no agitation and mashing what-so-ever.

- Leave it to sit at room temperature for a couple days. I watched as the fractal powder grew in mass over this time as it separated itself from other components at the bottom.


Depending on how well you did on this mission, one gram of this extract should be pretty strong. Start there and work your way up until you find your sweet spot.


I would describe it's effects like as an organic "candy flip" (slang for LSD+MDMA) while remaining comfortable and lucid. Deep emotional healing, and strength are acquired. Nootropic effects are definitely noticeable.


A splash of B. Caapi brew was added to a pot of boiling chunks and when evaporated the product was deemed San Paapi. (Term coined by UniverseCannon) Personally I think it would be best to do this tek separately and do a tannin removal on the caapi itself by adding egg white to a cold decanted caapi brew, heating up, stirring, and filtering off the tannin filled egg white once the brew has heated up and cooked the egg. Once filtered, this could be evaporate to yield caapi alkaloids.