Fumarates to Freebase Conversion TEK

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NOTE: This tek has been developed for the conversion of DMT fumarate to DMT freebase. Nevertheless the principles can work for the conversion of other kind of alkaloids, though this must be tested specifically for each case, as other alkaloids may have properties that prevent this conversion from working well. For example if an alkaloid's freebase form is too water soluble, like bufotenine, its very possible it wont crystallize out of water like conversion type 1 and 2 below. Type 3 would be more ideal for such cases

Fumarates to Freebase Water Crystallization Conversion

Type 1 - The slow pure white crystallization method

Materials needed: Sodium Carbonate and Water

Make a small amount of saturated sodium carbonate solution (make sure its CARBONATE not BIcarbonate or it wont work. You can make bicarbonate into carbonate, as stated in the wiki page of Conversion of Sodium Bicarbonate into Sodium Carbonate) by adding plenty of sodium carbonate to water and mixing well, until no more will dissolve (100ml water is more than enough, you'll probably need just a fraction of it. Theoretically for 100ml of water you'll need around 40g sodium carbonate, maybe less). Decant your saturated solution away from any undissolved sodium carbonate and into a new container.

Put your dmt fumarate in another glass container. Heat some water to near-boil, and add a small quantity of the hot water to the glass with the dmt fumarate, until it dissolves completely. Then add a small amount of the sodium carbonate saturated solution to the container with your dissolved dmt fumarate, and you'll see an immediate clouding (which is dmt freebase precipitating). Keep adding the sodium carbonate solution until no more clouding or color changes occur, and add a bit more just for good measure. Put your container on the fridge for 3-5 days for your dmt crystals to precipitate completely. After its done, you can pour off the water through a coffee filter (just in case so that any floating crystals will be retrieved). Scrape up the dmt stuck to the container, and put it on a filter or a plate to finish drying. Now you have perfect DMT freebase achieved with non-toxic solvents :).

After retrieving your crystals you can put the water that had your alkaloids into the freezer, let it freeze over a few hours and thaw, and check if more alkaloids crash out. Nearly all should have precipitated already in the first round of fridge precipitation but its possible after retrieving your crystals, a small amount will precipitate after freeze and thaw

On the left side is the dissolved fumarate. The right side is a sodium carbonate saturated solution. Only a small amount of this sodium carb solution is actually necessary
As soon as the sodium carbonate solution is added to the dissolved dmt fumarate, there is a precipitation. Stick it in the fridge for at least 3 days

After 3 to 5 days, the water is poured off (through a filter just in case), and these are the water precipitated DMT crystals
Which when scrapped together look like beautiful white flakes

Type 2 - The 10 minutes golden wax precipitation method

Note: The quantities here stated are what the original creator of this method used, but quantities can be adjusted proportionately to any amount.

Dissolve 4.1 grams of DMT Fumarate into 25ml of near boiling water, This can be done in a 1 pint mason jar with a tight sealing lid.

Dissolve 30grams of Sodium Carbonate into 100ml of near boiling water

Slowly add the Sodium Carbonate/H2O solution into the DMT fumarate solution, normal clouding will occur. Pour the 100ml solution in over the course of about a minute.

Once the two solutions are combined, put the lid on the 1 pint mason jar and shake vigorously for about ::20 seconds. If you open the jar now you can already see the little blobs of freebase DMT starting to surface and combine.

At this point add 75ml of room temp H2O into the solution. Put the lid on the jar and shake again for ::20 seconds.

Put the jar in the freezer.

Within :05 minute you should have a golden honey like layer forming on the top of your solution. This layer is your freebase spice. As this layer cools it will solidify.

When you are satisfied with the consistency of your freebase spice you have one of two options here.

First you may remove the freebase and wash it with warm H2O in a separate container, this is to remove any residual Sodium Carbonate that may be on the freebase spice.


You may simply add clean cold water to your jar to slowly dillute the Sodium Carbonate mix and allow any trapped spice to harden up and make its way to the surface. Continue to add this clean cold water until it flushes all of the sodium carbonate out of the solution and you are left with your freebase spice. ATTENTION! If you choose this method make sure you have a way to capture and remove your freebase spice as it comes to the surface.

Air dry your freebase DMT on a small plate and then infuse your favorite herb or vape it straight up.

4.1grm of full spectrum jungle spice (fumarate) extracted via the BLAB
Dissolved solutions of, (left) DMT/H2O and (right) super saturated Sodium Carbonate/H2O. Center is the jar of Sodium Carbonate used.

pic of the clouded combined solution after the first shake. See the honey layer begining to form out of the cloudy solution.
the solution after the 75ml of room temp water is added. The freebase layer is now starting to combine well

in the freezer after about :05 minutes
The Sodium Carbonate beginning to crystallize in the jar, with the alkaloid layer on top

freebase spice after :07 minutes. Ready to rinse with cold H20
first weigh in. 2.8 grams. More is recovered later

Sodium Carbonate crystals at the bottom of the jar
Sodium Carbonate crystals at the bottom of the jar, with freebase ring around which is collected for final yield.

Fumarates to Freebase Sodium Carbonate Paste Conversion

(This method is ideal for conversion of more water-soluble freebase alkaloids such as bufotenine)

Type 3 - Sodium Carbonate Paste and Pull method

Materials needed: dry IPA or acetone and Sodium Carbonate

Mix your dry fumarates with excess sodium carbonate (at least 1:1 fumarates:carbonate)

1grm of DMT fumarate extracted via the BLAB tek
The fumarate is mixed with excess sodium carbonate

Add enough water to make a paste and mix well. A bit more water is better than too little water, to make sure that the alkaloids and sodium carbonate are thoroughly mixed and have gotten in contact with the water.

Dry your paste completely. This can be done in a variety of ways, for example with a food dehydrator, or on top of a hotplate, or on the oven on low setting with the door open and fan turned towards it, or just in the sun. Just make sure whatever way you choose, that the temperature doesnt exceed 70degrees celcius (158f). As it dries, it will tend to form some chunks that hold moisture. Break them up to ensure thorough drying.

After it has dried completely, break it up so that it becomes powder, add to a container and add a quantity of anhydrous (dry) IPA or Acetone, mix well, let it stand and decant or pipette away the liquid from the powder that settles. Do this at least 3x, and evaporate your IPA/Acetone to retrieve your dmt crystals/wax

Crystals after evaporating the IPA
Close up of the white and yellow crystals formed with the conversion using this method

When scrapped up they have a waxy consistence