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The DMT Nexus is a community dedicated to expanding knowledge regarding DMT and related psychedelics, with a strong focus on the safety and respect necessary both in the use of these substances as well as in the form of developing the knowledge and sharing the knowledge within the community. For a proper functioning of the community, all of those browsing and posting here agree to honor the following key points:


Learn and give back

The Nexus is a community that thrives on the collaborative efforts of members in different areas throughout the years. We depend on the contributions of all Nexians, be it seniors or new members, to create, maintain and update the quality information here. If you have enjoyed, learned from and made use of the information and discussions here, please take your time to also contribute back. Each person has their own unique way to contribute, so you have to find your own. A few ideas: improve chemical knowledge and do side-by-side tests, participate in discussions and criticise constructively other arguments, critically question other people to improve depth of discussions, contribute to the Nexus wiki, sharing trip reports, mediating arguments between people who cant find consensus, post interesting links to related subjects, contribute to the sustainability of the Nexus, donating, suggesting new changes to design or forum, etc. Give back, and be a co-creator of this incredible place :)

Respectful communication

Watch your language. Communication is comprised of not only the explicit but also the implicit messages, which are transmitted through choice of words and general tone of speech. We do not want curse words and immature slang in the Nexus! Please use language in a dignified manner.

Safe and constructive drug talk

This forum is not a place for superficial unsafe talk of drugs such as excessive use and dosages, unsafe combinations and settings and careless use of substances that naturally have a riskier profile without due disclaimers and clear signs of having learned from mistakes and offering insights for better usage. See this thread for more info: Policy regarding discussion of different drugs. Substances such as research chemicals have some added dangers that should be taken in account and explicitly recognized when talking about them in the forum, as this thread explains.

Also we do NOT give medical advice here (such as telling people not to see doctors and go to shamans for serious medical problems, etc), as this thread explains. Lastly, please read the Health and Safety section and the for contraindications, facts and tips on safety, reducing risks, dealing with difficult experiences, integrating the trips and maximizing benefits.

Critical thinking and basic autonomy

We try to encourage and expect critical thinking between members. This means one should question one's assumptions and actions, for example seeing if it can impact negatively upon oneself or others around you. We do not want people displaying arguments and trains of thought that are reckless and dangerous, or talking about things that can be a liability. Also one should do basic research before asking and saying things, we do not want to spoon-feed answers. The FAQ and WIKI, the Nexus search function and Google are basic tools everybody should use and should already help prevent the repetition of topics, that conversion remains superficial and that members have to repetitively respond by pointing to the obvious.

Quality of information and discussion

If you post something as a fact, you have to be able to provide a reliable source for your argument. This depends contextually, but a peer-reviewed publication is an example of what could be a good source, and a random unknown website or what “someone said” could be an example of an unreliable source. If you state something as your opinion then please support that opinion with good reasoning. If you cannot do that then don't state your opinion at all since it's useless for others. This is not Facebook with like/dislike.


Over 18 years

The age of majority is the threshold of adulthood as it is conceptualized (and recognized or declared) in law. It is the chronological moment when minors cease to legally be considered children and assume control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardian over and for them.

This means that at the age of 18 you are considered to have your own freedom and responsibility.

No discussion on selling, buying, sourcing, acquiring, pricing, trading, receiving, distributing, mentioning pending deliveries or smuggling of drugs

This includes all isolated psychedelic compounds and RCs (Research Chemicals), whether they are legal or not. The only goods allowed to be discussed are legal live plants, legal viable seeds (both in the Sustainable plant and seed suppliers subforum) and legal/unwatched chemical supplies. See Street Value of DMT (AND WHY YOU SHOULDN'T EVER SELL DMT AND OTHER PSYCHEDELICS) for good reasons why we don't allow this.

Also please read this thread: Bye bye MHRB sourcing talk, we will remember you

No recruitment, survey, advertising or campaign material is allowed to be posted on the DMT-Nexus without our explicit permission

This includes but is not limited to: advertising of services or goods, surveys of any kind, political campaigns, (semi)religions, lawsuit campaigns, calls for action and petitions.

This rule is to prevent the use of the DMT-Nexus for the pushing of other peoples agendas. Often we do not want any association with such groups since any fallout on that group will affect the DMT-Nexus as well.

No preaching

If you have an opinion about something, respectfully state it, but please do not talk in absolutes about right and wrong or disrespectfully disregard other world views. No matter how convinced, nobody has a monopoly over knowing what life or the universe is all about, of knowing what happens after death or exactly what 'hyperspace' is and where the experiences come from.

No Conspiracy Theories

Due to the divisive nonconstructive fear-mongering nature of CT topics and the fact that they often rely on unreliable anecdotes and sources make them an undesired topic here in the Nexus.

No confrontational attitude

Diversity, constructive criticism and differing opinions are welcome. Nobody has to unquestioningly agree with everything in this community. Nevertheless, we do not want a confrontational attitude, members that are constantly antagonistic, that turn arguments into fights and worsen the atmosphere. We don't appreciate dramas or excessive sarcastic posting. If one is not happy with a discussion, respectfully state why or don't post at all. Don't use the Nexus for venting your personal frustrations, please question yourself why is each post being written, if it is beneficial to the community. Please tell any moderators if you have a legitimate complaint or suggestion about the forums, but be patient and don't fuel drama. We are constantly trying to improve this community and need your help and patience for it.

No sharing of any real life information

Due to the nature of the topics discussed on this forum it is not allowed to post any information that will reveal one's identity. Examples of this are facebook pages, personal websites, email addresses, home addresses, photo's of one self or any other means that will give handles to have you tracked in real life.

No unsafe extraction settings and procedures

We are against people extracting or using substances in student dorms/parents/shared houses or any other unsafe place or where the owners or roommates do not agree with what is being done. We do not give tips on 'stealth' teks. Do not do it unless the owner of the place accepts his/her full responsibility for the actions being done. If you don't have such a place to extract now, be patient, many have waited years and years for the right moment.

No discussion about taking entheogens in an unsafe or irresponsible setting

Taking entheogens in a place where it is clearly not safe, either physically and/or legally, is not supported by the DMT-Nexus. For this we do not condone discussion of taking entheogens in (semi) public places or where the location is outright dangerous for the person taking the entheogen like on the ledge of a cliff or the top of a building.

No commercial-scaled extractions and reckless “spreading”

The Nexus is not a place for commercial operations and we do not want to support drug dealers; we believe in using these substances for personal use.

If and when sharing these substances, we believe that it has to be done without money or other payments involved, with a careful approach and care when facilitating the introduction and/or experience of others.

It is imperative to take care that the person ingesting has no contraindicating medical/psychological history, takes it in a proper set and setting, and correct dosage/method of ingestion. This cannot be done if the substances are spread on a large scale. We do not want to "turn on the world", those who are ready will seek it. Indiscriminate spreading of psychedelics can lead to potential serious damage to people and is a big legal liability. Big extractions (and the preparations leading to it and gathering of materials) can attract the attention of the Law.

Spreading of the message of psychedelics itself through superficial YouTube videos showing use or extractions can also cause a lot of damage to the community (as happened with salvia) and is frowned upon.

Discussions about Novel Psychoactive Substances (RC) and Nootropics are only allowed for full members

New members cannot discuss Novel Psychoactive Substances (RC) and Nootropics, only full members can. Read more about it here NEW SUBFORA 'Nootropics' and Novel Psychoactive Substances (RC)'

No synthesis talk that uses dangerous/watched chemicals and procedures

Discussion of simple safe non-commercial synthesis not requiring watched chemicals are tolerated (example: the reduction of DMT N-oxide to DMT with zinc, or the supposed LSA-to-LSH conversion).

Members who have been given the chemical expert status, indicated by the flask icon, are allowed to discuss these topics at their own discretion for harm reduction purposes. Also a reminder to these flask holders: be aware of your knowledge.

No using the Nexus as a personal meet-up point

Due to potential legal risks, we do not want people giving their emails or personal contacts (or displaying full face pictures) openly. We don't want people telling other members they don't already know to meet up privately, this can be a problem for both the people meeting as well as bringing attention for the whole community. The only exception we make is that we allow establishing general meeting points for festivals and conferences because you don't have to say who you are in the Nexus when going there, and you can go to the meeting point if you want while remaining anonymous. If you do meet up, do not bring drugs and be sure to maintain your personal safety.

Only talk about sources for live plants and seeds

We have decided to allow only talk about sources of live plants and seeds. This way we are putting energy into a sustainable relationship with these plants, and not just finding a 'source' (which is often unsustainable, for example check here). Also, many people were coming only to look for dry plant sources without an appropriate attitude, plus we were only helping calling attention of law enforcement to those suppliers. If you want dry plant matter, google it or look in other forums. For more info, check this thread. Discussing sources for chemicals/labware/etc is still allowed.

Extra CHAT rules

Purpose of the chat

The chat is for engaging your peers in the community with a faster pace than the forums. It is NOT for saying things that would get you into trouble on the forums. It is primarily for discussing safe use of psychedelics, and techniques for how to apply their use to your life in a healthy way.

The chat-room is intended to be a safe place where members can interact with each other by asking questions and sharing their ideas in a respectful atmosphere. Please make sure you contributions in the chat-room leave space available for these discussions!

Then another important aspect of the chat is that people come into the chat while tripping. Either to find peers or to find help for a difficult experience that they are going through. Having to read all that hate stuff while tripping is THE WORST that can happen at such a moment.

Serious misbehavior in chat will now result in a permanent ban from the chat

There are things that you just cannot talk about in the chat (or on this site for that matter), just common sense is enough to know what you can and cannot talk about. But, since there are always people who love to edge on common sense, I will list some of the more important things you cannot talk about later in this post.

Since these things are so serious it means that if you still express them, it will result in an immediate and PERMANENT ban from the chat. This permanent ban cannot be revoked and it will be YOUR responsibility that this will never happen.

If you do not have the common sense to understand this or even 'jokingly' chat about these things then I cannot emphasize enough that you will get PERMANENTLY banned from the chat without ever coming back!

If you get permanently banned from chat, any reasoning and begging to revoke it will be ignored, it's PERMANENT, you should have known and you should feel bad about it.

Examples that will get you immediately and permanently banned from the chat

Here is a list of the things that will immediately get you banned from the chat, permanently. This list serves as an example and it is certainly not limited to these items. YOU have to use your own common sense to think about what you can and cannot talk about. If you are not sure if you can talk about something then ask a moderator or just keep your mouth shut.

The immediate and permanent ban list items:

  • Talk of hurting people (like talking about posting nudes of people on facebook without their consent)
  • Serious violence (like shooting people, raping people, purposely destroying other peoples property)
  • Hate talk

These items are so common sense that there is no reasonable excuse for ever talking about it in our chat.

So things like "I did not know", "I was only joking" and "I thought this was not a problem" are no excuses. If you utter these words it probably means that you have been permanently banned from chat and that you should have used that brain of yours before vomiting your deeds in our midst.

Examples that might get you permanently banned from the chat if you continue with it

  • Sexism, Racism, Homophobia and other oppressive talk;

There is no reason to ever express this. If you do however you can expect a firm warning. After this first warning there will be no second one but a permanent ban from the chat.

  • Talking about selling, buying, sourcing, acquiring, pricing, trading, mentioning pending deliveries or smuggling of drugs;

Doing this and/or trying to edge on this will get you a warning. If you choose to disregard this warning then the next time will result in a PERMANENT ban from the chat.

  • Talking about dosing other people without their consent or without them knowing it;

This should be obvious.

  • Obsessive talk, constantly derailing conversations and senseless unrelated talk, flooding the chat, ignoring other member's requests for subject or attitude change;

Some people just keep talking about the same subject over and over again, examples of this are continuously talking about your sexual ways, political ramblings and continuously nagging about the same old subject.

Keep an eye out for other people in the chat who are getting irritated by your behavior, if you notice this then tone down your ramblings or just stop completely.

For this you will get a warning first, then after this warning you better make sure you get a feeling for the other people in the chat or a permanent ban will follow.

  1. Note: Bill Cipher is the only person exempt from these rules. If anybody posts in opposition to our stated attitude, Bill will be let loose on the offender :D