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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of ACRB Tek By Thick-Light[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.


  • 500g ACRB
  • 10 litres water
  • 500ml white vinegar
  • 150g NaOh (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • Naptha (Non-polar solvent)


Place 500 gram of ACRB in container and freeze/thaw twice.


Boil ACRB in 2000ml of water with 100ml white vinegar for 1.5 hrs, then transfer liquid to another pot and start reducing it.


Repeat Step2 at least 4 times, adding 100ml fresh vinegar each time.


Reduce total liquid volume to around 1500ml, then let cool and pour into your extraction vessel. (A half gallon mason jar works well).


Slowly add 150g of NaOh and stir. Be careful when adding NaOh, as the reaction can cause bubbling.


While the liquid is still warm, add 600ml of naptha, cap the extraction vessel, and with gloves and goggles on, shake it over a sink vigourously. Do this 6-10 times, letting the naptha and soup completely separate between agitation. On your last shake, roll the naptha around the jar lightly to reduce emulsions.


Be patient and let the solvent completely seperate from the liquid even the red lines that drip down the side. Once it's seperated decant the naptha and put in a clean dry collection jar. You should end up with a milky white opaque solvent that's very cloudy.


Leave the jar to sit for 6-8 hours and the overly saturated naptha should start to drop the DMT and leave a thick layer of needle like crystals across the bottom and sides. Get another jar that's clean and dry and pour off the solvent into it. Let the crystals dry then scrape them up and spread them out on a baking dish. once these don't smell like naptha they are ok to smoke.


The solvent you poured off should be put in a freezer for 24-48 hours so all the goodies can be freeze precipitated. Once this happens, pour the solvent off then back into the basified ACRB soup. Scrape the crystals from the jar once they are dry.


Repeat shaking the jar with the naptha and Acacia confusa soup 6-10 times letting it seperate then shake it again etc... If the solvent is still cloudy white let it sit 6-8 hours and the saturated dmt should crystalize inside the solvent. If it doesn't then it's not saturated enough.

If that's the case let the naptha evap half way then stick it in the freezer and let it freeze precipitate. 24-48 hors. at this point pour off the solvent and let the crystals dry then scape them up wait til the naptha smell is gone and enjoy!!!!

Additional notes/tips

  • Keep the jar in a heat bath the whole time you are doing pulls, that way the naptha will stay warm and stay saturated until you decant it. Plug the sink, run hot water; add a kettle of boiling water every 15-20 minutes or when it starts getting cool.
  • Filtering the final boils before basing, results in a less than likely chance of ending up with dirty Naptha.
  • If you don't take the time to shake and let the non-polar solvent (naptha) separate at least 6 times on your first pull, it may not contain enough spice to allow room temp crystallization in the solvent. Generally the later pulls produce a sandy colored powder with beige crystals. Upon re-x this sandy powder produces a chalky pure white powder and a tan goo that dries to a peachy tan.
  • I also boiled the root bark first, then froze it, boiled it again, then froze again. Then while it was soft from the second boil, I used a blender to shred it up almost to powder. I'm not sure if the freezing is essential but it helps to break the bark apart as the water expands and cracks the bark.
  • No vodka powder or vinegar when freezing it. Soak it in water then poured it off in the pot for the boils, then freeze and thaw it 2x before cooking.
  • Don't powder my bark due to the pains of filtering all the sediment as you're doing consecutive boils.


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