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Safety profile Note error.png
  • Psychedelic Phenethylamine
Main effects:
  • Euphoria, OEV (open-eye visuals), CEV (closed-eye visuals), Disassociation (30mg+, B-hole), light stimulation (some individuals don't find it stimulating at all).
Side effects:
  • unusual body sensations (facial flushing, chills, goosebumps, body energy) - positive/negative/neutral depending on individual, dilated pupils, over-stimulation, possible stomach discomfort including mild diarrhea, gas, nausea and (rarely) vomiting.
Health risks:
  • overdose (50mg is EXTREMELY intense and generally considered the maximum dosage. Use a scale because this material is not safe to eye-ball.) While individuals have taken and survived higher amounts the effects are typically described as delusions, fear, paranoia, and an increase in side-effects. Snorting 2c-x compounds has resulted in death (rare and probably avoidable by accurate oral consumption).
Important safety remarks:
  • This substance has not been researched as much as classic psychedelics, while short-term effects and dosage (5-20 mg) are well understood, long term effects could potentially damage your health. There are a number of other 2c-x compounds which vary significantly in effect/dosage. So be careful with materials that haven't been confirmed by lab analysis as 2c-b.

Brief overview - What is 2c-b?

2c-b or 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine; is a Psychedelic Phenethylamine first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in 1974. It has been used by the psycho-therapeutic and psycho-nautical communities for about 35 years. More information:[1][2]

The other 2c-x compounds (2c-c, 2c-d, 2c-e, 2c-i, 2c-p) are more readily available via internet Research Chemical vendors and have much less information about dosage/effects. Be very careful with what you think is 2c-b because most party-goers/dealers have no idea there are a variety of different 2c-x compounds each with their own unique effects and dosages.

2c-b overdose is generally extremely unpleasant - while reports of large ORAL doses (50-100mg) have not resulted in death - extremely negative psychological disturbances/permanent negative effects are common.


See Erowid[3]

Dosages and consumption methods

2c-b may be taken Nasally and Orally. 2c-b can also be vaporized, but the effects are so short lived this ROA is not worthwhile. Oral consumption has the most history of use and is the safest way to consume 2c-b. The effects and duration will vary based on ROA, there are generally more negative effects via insuffalation.

There are reports of IM/IV 2c-b, but I do not condone such behavior, nor is there any reason to risk your life for an under-researched ROA.

DO NOT IM/IV materials which you are not 100% certain of sterility and MEDICAL GRADE purity (99.9%). Because being certain of these things is highly un-likely for the average user - DO NOT INJECT 2c-b.

NASAL (Negative effects usually increase)

Duration - 2-4 hours, + 2-3 hours of after effects.

  • Mild - 1-5 mg.
  • Moderate - 5-10 mg.
  • High - 10-20 mg.
  • Very High/B-Hole - 20 mg+


Duration - 4-8 hours, + 2-4 hours of after effects.

  • Mild - 2-15 mg.
  • Moderate - 12-16 mg.
  • High - 17-25 mg.
  • Very High/B-Hole - 25-50 mg.

History of usage

After personally synthesizing the substance as a mescaline analogue Alexander Shulgin first experimented with the substance on himself before sharing it with the psycho-therapeutic community through his friend Leo Zeff (The Secret Chief). It developed a reputation for being used at the tail end of MDMA sessions to lengthen/potentiate/add its own character to the experience. Once MDMA was made illegal some psychotherapists used it as a substitution.

By the latter 70s it had hit the street as a recreational drug which eventually led to it becoming a controlled substance in most countries. It was sold in smart shops in the Netherlands as "Eros," and once banned replaced by 2c-t-7 which was also banned.

It has been sold as MDMA in the past, but due to the popularity of 2c-b this is less common than it once was. There is a tribe in Africa which uses 2C-B as an entheogen.

Gracie & Zarkov wrote an experience report on 2c-b overdose (1984). [4]