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=== Reference ===
=== Reference ===
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Note error.png Note: This page is a transcription of q21q21's "The (mini) Machine" Step by Step Guide[1]. The content is to remain accurate as such.
Materials Required Checklist.png
7w bulb Cost: 4 for $1 , thus 25
stainless steel pot scrubber, Cost: 4 scrubbers for $1 = <100 applications. thus 1¢
6-12 inches of electrical tape. Cost: roll for $1, using 1/25 or so of the roll, thus 4¢
1/3 of a straw Cost: 200 for $1, lets say 1¢
  • Total Cost:31¢
Tools needed: Pliers + Screwdriver (Phillips or Robertson)
NOTE Alert.png
SWIM used 7w bulb just because of it's toughness, any bulb can work fine.

SWIM remembers wasting probably close to 400mg of spice on several lightbulb vaporizers.

The vaporizers were harsh, inefficient, dirty and shockingly broke after 5-10 doses.

SWIM read about "The Machine" but was always put off by the vagueness of the description and the glass drill bit requirement.

He was getting slightly frustrated with the bulb, trying to get a dose and having to concentrate so hard on smoking it right.

He painstakingly vaporized 60mg of spice in the bulb over 4-5 tokes and got shadowy entity CEVs and a feeling of well-being.

He made a prototype machine and took 32mg and readied it in the machine. 1 toke. hmmm, strong. 2 tokes..... whoa... whoa WHOA!!! Lost himself and was in a mountain waterpark with mini elves for 3 or 4 minutes. after 7-8 minutes he was as far as the 60mg in the bulb.

SWIM feels that he will share the tek for his machine 3.0 with the forum because as he said after the 32mg trip "THE MACHINE IS... A MACHINE!"

Construction of "The (mini) Machine" Cog.png

Start by taking the bulb and squishing to top of it with the pliers, squish it from different directions from the top of the metal piece first.

  • Once the black piece is broken then remove it. Squish lower and lower and you should feel a release when you get it right.
The screw in part will pop off completely leaving just the glass.
NOTE Information.png

This may take a couple bulbs to get right, although SWIM has yet to mess THIS part up.

Next step is to put a hole in the glass, it's most likely the most difficult step.

  • SWIM has messed up this step about 5 times... But the last 2 have been perfect and this is how he did them
  • Put the bulb firmly on a wall (not floor) take either a pen on a screwdriver and start tapping lightly and increase the force slowly.
  • Clearly you will hit once and it will crack, the hole should be between the size of a pencil and your pinky finger
  • if it is too small use very light taps to break it bigger.
SWIM's looks like this..
NOTE Information.png

If you did that then the hard stuff is over! Everything from this point on can be done and re-done if messed up.

Next take a straw an cut it to about 3-6 inches depending if you want a short or long mouthpiece.

SWIM's looks like this.

Now this part can be finicky since tape doesn't stick super well to glass.

  • But place the straw 1/3 to 2/3 into the bulb and tape it in place.
  • You want it to be mostly airtight. It in no way needs to be 100% airtight.
NOTE Information.png

SWIM thinks that step is very to preference so you can judge whether his/hers looks good

The last step is to ready the scrubber. You can either cut out a piece or pull some out the middle, SWIM does the latter. You want enough so it fits in the bottom hole without falling through, but not sticking out TOO much.

NOTE Information.png

SWIM finds the best way to keep the ball as one is to roll it in your fingers, if it is resilient then just squish it with a spoon or just get another piece.

Now on most scrubbers there is a coating that SWIM would guess isn't fun to smoke. You can either bake it off or (easier) hold the ball in tweezers and torch it.

  • You can tell when it is done because
    1. It stops smoking
    2. It loses it's shine.

Once the ball or "the machine's bowl" is prepared you are ready.

Your machine should look something like this

Now loading the machine with spice can be tricky the first time but gets easy.

Step 1: Prepare proper amount of spice.
Step 2: Remove the scrubber ball from the machine.
Step 3: Dab or Scrub some spice onto the ball, a bunch should stick.
Step 4: By holding the lighter 4-5 inches away from the bulb melt the spice into the ball, it will stay gooey.
Step 5: Repeat 3 and 4 until dose is on the machine.

When smoking:

Hold the lighter 3-4 inches below the ball, Start toking SLOWLY and it will likely start to smoke at that distance. Continue to move the lighter closer to the ball, got slowly and once the flame hits the ball all the spice will be vaporized. Enjoy!

This may be a little over-kill but SWIM has never liked smoking anything but has grown to like the taste of spice. The bulb is small to limit any condensation of the spice and it is really easy to carry and use, plus it is pretty tough.

Although the leaf bed method may work the same or maybe even slightly better (SWIM doubts) SWIM never coughs with the machine because he tokes slow and even SWIM's buddies who try it don't complain about the taste unless asked.

Cheers and good luck to anyone who is having trouble breaking through, wants a change or just feels like trying the machine.


  1. q21q21's "the (mini) machine" step by step guide (31¢ cost)[1]